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Latest Problems and Solutions Needed

1. Gulf Coast Oil Spill - Clean up Solution - we suggest any companies related to off-shore drilling be required to set up a Disaster Fund to find, develop and use a solution for cleaning up the mess they just made quickly and fully. Give up one weeks profits so you can build anything you need.

It seems you have pierced a major artery in Mother Earth and now don't know what to do. Have you ever thought that possibly, we aren't supposed to extract something so volitile, so out of reach? Perhaps it's the blood of Earth and now she is bleeding to death, forever then silencing her warm and nourishing heart. Does oil actually have something to do with powering the earth? Can anyone answer that scientifically for sure? Probably not. Will it stop only when you drill then to the core of Earth and finally steal her soul? Thus, making our world like Mars.

The next solution would then be to create alternative energy which does not require us to drill off shore or in pristine parts of the earth. Basically an energy source which we do not deplete, or if we do, causes no adverse reactions to us or our environment.

Are you a World Saver?

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You say that's a big and monumental task?

Okay, it may be, but then, what are you doing for the rest of your life?

  • Is what you are doing now really fullfilling to you?

  • Is it making a difference in something or someone elses life,
    other than allowing you to pay for your simple desires?

  • Do you see problems around you which bother you?

  • Do you have or are you the solution or part of it?

    So what are you waiting for?

That's precisely what we are here for.

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